In Natiscalzi DT’’s vision, art occupies a prominent place in the creation and development of a society, as well as politic, science, religion, and technology. Each of these deals with a precise part of the social structure. Art is about generating thought and well-being through the creation of shared rites and beauty.


Dance and theatre – at this historical moment – push us to reflect on the concept of individual, body and relationship. The word "relationship" is especially important because it is a vehicle for poetry, empathy, beauty, catharsis and communication. The dance itself, is first of all relationship: between sky and earth, man and space, man and man, dancer and audience



· intention to bring people closer to dance and theatre in their purest form of communicating art and exchange.


· development of a more connected and empathetic social net through the production and creation of choreographic-theatrical works


· teaching and sharing of artistic practices to create new audiences



 You can't think of an aesthetic without considering an ethic. An ethic that includes:


- craftsmanship work and respect for the figures and workers of dance, theatre and art in general


- attention to the choreographer-dancer relationship, remembering that the interpreter has a body and a thought that is intended to explore


- to enter into the depths of an audience and a territory through a show means to create an art that remains, that does a task, so artistic products must generate roots in the soil in which they are born and grow.


- “nati scalzi”, which means "barefoot born", connects to the concept of roots: art must dig deep to move forward